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Your Fitness Guru

Coach Gabi here!

I got into fitness after moving to Los Angeles six years ago. A combination of American portion sizes and my love fries caught up to me and I began to gain weight fairly quickly. Like many, my fitness journey started off with aesthetic goals, however I soon found that the benefits of working out helped me mentally. 

I fell in love with feeling stronger, faster, and fitter, but also noticed how much exercise boosted my mood. Six years later, I believe that balance is absolutely everything (French Fries with a side of burpees anyone?!)

My mission is to help people fall in love with exercise because of the way it makes us feel, not because we need to burn off last night's Pizza! When you begin to view exercise as something you Get To Do vs. Have To Do, you'll enjoy the journey so much more. 



Your Fitness Guru

Coach Geselle here!

I got into fitness when I decided to make a lifestyle change. I was unhappy about my weight, my job, and the lifestyle I was living. Although, I always had an interest for health and fitness, I had reached a point where I had completely let myself go. My best decision was making that lifestyle change and it led me to where I am today. I now love my job, coaching and training. I gained strength, built my endurance and lost the extra weight, transforming not only physically, but more importantly mentally. 

Fitness gave the discipline I was lacking. It taught me how important it is to be consistent. It gave me purpose and drive. Lastly, it taught me how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

I want to empower people to become the strongest versions of themselves both physically and mentally through fitness and health. 

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